Here's a link to the interview I did with Meredith Gilmore from Coast Arts. It aired on 2nd September.
Here are a few images of the Passing By project installation at Gosford Regional Gallery.
Wendy Abel Campbell, Kath Fries and Janet Meany also have work in the exhibition. Overall it's an impressive variety of work that will capture your interest and offer alternative perspectives on Gosford.
It's finally happening! The fruits of our residency labours will be exhibited from 21st July to 16th September at the Gosford Regional Gallery - SHOP 153.

OPENING NIGHT Friday 20th July, 6:30pm.

Come to the opening or choose a quieter time to immerse yourself in some fabulous contemporary art.
We'll be on display in the main gallery, along with White Boxes and Ramoxes, an exhibition of Arthur and Merrick Boyd's ceramics and drawings.
Wow!!! What a day. So many people came by to visit & donate some of their precious & much loved fabric items. I was touched by their generousity & desire to openly share their stories. Thank you.
I've loaded some images and stories on the Fabric Items and Stories page. Check it out and come by the shop before Friday 29th June to drop in your own fabric item to become part of Passing By.
DAY 5 & we had an article in one of the local papers. There's been a good response already. Lots of people have popped in to see what we're up to. View the Express Advocate article, It's a shop full of creativity in Gosford.

The sky!



This amazing sky covered Gosford on Day 4, Thursday 21 June. It was incredible. The clouds stretched out as far as I could see. I wanted to float up into them.
Images taken from the roof of the Imperial Shopping Centre, Gosford.
Day 4 - June 21st and I'm feeling more settled in the space. People are coming into the shop and chatting. We've had lots of positive comments and interest in what we're up to. Overall, the community is very happy to see something creative like this happening in the Gosford CBD. They're often disappointed when they realise we're only in the space for 2 weeks.
Now that I've finally worked out how to download images from my new smart phone - here are a few pics of our residency shop 153/154 Imperial Shopping Centre, Gosford & how it's progressing - DAY 2.
Today was fantastic! Wendy, Kath, Janet and I spent time in the shop sorting out the space and chatting about aspects of our work and just getting to know a bit about each other.

We had some interesting people visit the shop which was a wonderful start to the first day. I'm encouraged by the curiousity and general interest people have expressed about what we're doing.

Keep coming in - as the days progress we'll have more and more to show. Don't forget to bring a fabric item/s for my project (Passing By) - anything made of fabric is fine. If there's a story connected to the item, I'd love to record that too. SHOP 153/154 IMPERIAL SHOPPING CENTRE, GOSFORD.